YAĞMURPEN PVC, which entered the pvc sector in 2002, decided to produce PVC door and window profiles in its factory building in Gaziantep Küsget Industrial Site in 2015 with its quality product range, and started to produce higher quality support sheet in the same factory building for its customers in the sector.

In 2019, we decided to continue the production of support sheet in the factory building in Gaziantep Küsget Industrial Site, and by increasing the production capacity in Gaziantep Organized Industrial Site, one of the largest organized industrial zones in Turkey, in order to respond to its customers more quickly, we made no concessions on the quality of PVC door and window profile manufacturing in the new factory building. continues with the same desire, the same determination, the same self-confidence.

Our aim is to carry the knowledge and experience we have acquired with our expert staff, to carry them to your spaces by producing quality and innovative products and to offer a comfortable life, as well as to increase your satisfaction with their high insulation and longevity in accordance with TSE standards, and to beautify your architecture with the slogan of your style, our products are nature-friendly, elegant, robust, wide color range. with the aim of increasing employment by contributing to our country’s economy in the country and abroad.

All raw material, intermediate and final analyzes and product durability tests are carried out in accredited laboratories within the polymer door and window production facilities of Yağmur Pen, which is also one of the exemplary facilities of the sector.

The aim of each Yağmur Pen series is to create value for the user and ensure that the products meet consumer expectations with quality and stability.

Rain Line 5 Chambers 70 Series, Nevra 5 Chambers 60-70 Series, Dalya 4 Chambers 60 Series, Tuana 4 Chambers 60 Series, Zara 3 Chambers 60 Oval Series, Yağmur 3 Chambers 60 Series Series, Sliding Series and Auxiliary Profiles series, as products of this philosophy, which is shaped in a different line and will be briefly explained as above, are presented to consumers with 2,200 different combination options. comes out

The main goal of Yağmur Pen is to make you feel different and privileged in details. For this reason, there is the service and support assurance given by Yağmur Pen behind every product from production to sales and after sales.

To contribute directly to the national economy and to create new business opportunities by producing products and services of universal quality at home and abroad with our entrepreneurial spirit.

To represent Turkey much stronger as an institution and organization that has a voice in our sector in the new global world order that will make itself felt even more in the coming years.

To respond to customer expectations with quality and stability, to work uninterruptedly to always be the best, to act with the awareness that the biggest capital is human resources, to give priority to investments that will ensure service continuity, to be honest and to work to add strength to the Turkish economy.

We carry out an application based on success in order to recruit quality manpower in line with our company’s goals and strategies and to ensure that this power is used in the most efficient way. Our company, which believes that success can only be achieved with knowledgeable, experienced, motivated and motivated employees, aims to maximize employee satisfaction by constantly investing in its personnel. Our company, which shows its difference in this way, offers equal opportunities to everyone, believing that the road to success will pass through creating a team of professional and qualified people. Our employees, who join us and are part of our team, are provided with the necessary opportunities for the training they need to develop their careers as well as their current competencies to support their personal development.

  • To be ready for changes by keeping the organizational structure dynamic in line with our company’s forward-looking goals and strategies.
  • Aiming to keep personnel satisfaction at the highest level in our company, which believes that corporate success can only be achieved with employees with a high level of education, open to innovations and changes, entrepreneurial, energetic, adopting individual development as a principle and aiming for company development.</li li>
  • To provide our employees with a professional work environment and opportunities for development.